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Title:     SLOPER: The Auto-Navi-Car


Sloper is an indoor-based self-driving modern electric wheelchair (here onwards, car) that takes a person from one place to another with ease. It is meant to be used by the elderly and disabled people whose movement is restricted due to various physical problems and thus making their life safer and more convenient.


NI MyRio-1900, NI LabView 2017(32-bit), NI MyRio Toolkit

>Application Builder

>Control design and Simulation module

>FPGA module

>Real-time Module

>Robotics module

>vision acquisition Software

>Vision development module


  1. VR2 Controller → Motor Power Control
  2. Arduino UNO → To process values from Two Rotary Encoders for distance and angle covered by the car
  3. Arduino MEGA → to process values from 10 IR Range Sensors for distance measurement
  4. Kinect V1 → Obstacle detection using VFH

5.Tablet + Computer → User Interface                 


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