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Our story

We are a group of students studying in different universities in Japan ( TokyoTech, Nagoya University, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto National College of Technology), working together to contribute in the evolution of technologies. We all graduated from Kumamoto College of technology’s mechanics and intelligent systems engineering’s course  where we worked together on different projects winning awards in japan and internationally. 

With different backgrounds and nationalities, we have as vocation to participate in the development of intelligent systems as we believe it will be a primordial aptitude to develop such systems for engineers in the coming years. Japan has a severe demographic problem as the majority of it’s population is of the third age. That creates more needs  of automated and intelligent systems to supplant the void created by that shifting demography. We then came up with multiple solutions using AI and IoT to help build a better and safer society.  

In the future we would like to link African and indian companies to Japanese companies that work on AI and IoT/ Robotic solutions that can improve the lives of people in both ends. We also would like to extend and use our solutions in Senegal (West Africa) and Chennai ( south India), as these are the homes of two of our founding members. This would allow us to create an international network of highly qualified engineers  and data scientists around the world in order to tackle global issues around healthcare, Agriculture ,education etc. 

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