In order to build a barrier free society either for people with limited mobility and for our everyday needs, we propose a self driving wheelchair that can be used in hospitals, museums, airports to ease our displacements in cities that are getting more and more complex. To learn more about this, click here. 







This project integrates AI and IoT in an homogeneous system to detect any change in an environment using cameras and sensors and then take an action or send notifications to users. 

In this project we built a monitoring system that checks if there is a new post on an information board using a camera, faster-RCNN, Semantic Segmentation and one shot learning. Then a notification is sent to the users via an applet they can download on their smartphones.

  We are building a new version of this project with new  cool features for students et companies.


Download Poster Poster_NektAIoT_A1_

In this project we built a time series predictor to predict stocks and currency pairs rate. This project using Extreme learning machines and Deep Convolutional networks. We are able to get quite good results when used on USD/JPY and BTC/USD pairs. For more about this check out our demo page.

We are also developing a new version of this predictor for release.